Moonstar - Leap of Faith

How did I choose to move to DC? I drew DC out of a hat, literally. It was time for me to move – there was nothing for me in Shreveport anymore. I knew I wanted to leave but I could not decide. I put all the places I wanted to live in a hat. The other places were New York, San Francisco, Chicago and Shreveport. That whole process and the move to DC was a huge Leap of Faith. I’m glad I did it.

Leap of Faith

"Sometimes you have to take a leap of Faith.” - Danielle Moonstar*                               

Danielle Moonstar, “Dani” to her friends is a Cheyenne and Mutant with Psychic and Telepathic abilities. Moonstar can create psychic arrows that will cause people to see illusions or act as a psychic blast. She also has a psychic rapport with animals. Moonstar can also sense impending deaths (her powers manifested at puberty when she sensed her parent’s death). She joined up with the X-Men through her Grandfather, Black Eagle, when he contacted Professor Xavier. She is unafraid to take those important leaps. Eventually Moonstar takes a leap and becomes a Valkyrie, the bringer of slain warriors to Valhalla.

We all takes these leaps often, sometimes we do not recognize them as a “leap of faith”. In a broad sense waking up each morning is a “leap of faith”. The Tarot card, the Fool, is normally represented as a young man stepping off a cliff enjoying his day and his journey. The Fool has a meaning of foolishness and is often thought of as the beginning of a journey or a leap of faith. Overly optimistic people are often looked at as fools. These people tend to do things that no one else will, they try the unexpected just to see what happens. They always have a sense that everything will work out just fine – they seem to never worry. The unexpected is the leap of faith. But here is a paradox sometimes the expected is also a leap of faith. A daily practice, daily workout, meditation and prayer or coffee with a friend, strengthens the spirit and helps us make the leap of faith.

First Appearance: Marvel Graphic Novel, #4, the New Mutants, (December 1982)

Creators: Chris Claremont (writer) & Bob McLeod (art)

*X-Force, #85, “Possession”, Marvel Comics January 1999