Big Bear - Intimacy

I’ve met some people over the years that can be free spirited and find intimacy easy. I always admired those people – still do. I have not problem with intimacy it just takes me a bit longer to reach that level. I must build trust before I can be intimate with someone. Trust is an important component of intimacy.


“Lower beings tend to fear intimacy.” - Big Bear *

Big Bear can change the density of objects thus giving him super strength and near invulnerability. Big Bear is also a member of the Forever People, a group of young New Gods from New Genesis. They travel and enjoy each others’ company. They live their lives as a colony of free spirited youthful and forever young people. The Forever People are Beautiful Dreamer, Mark Moonrider, Vykin, Serifan and Big Bear. By simultaneously speaking the word “Taaru” the Forever People can merge to become the Infinity Man – a being of immense power connected to the Source. Because they can create the Infinity Man, the Forever People are family, friends and intimates. 

Most people think intimacy is “sexual” – that is NOT true. True intimacy is being able to share with another human being at a level where feelings of fear and remorse are not present. Think about it for a moment …then remember your best friend. You had no problem being naked, taking a shower or sometimes even sitting on the toilet in front of this person. To share anything with this person was easy and comfortable. It was intimate. True intimacy takes practice. It takes getting to know and trusting a person. The only way to experience intimacy with a person is to share. Start sharing with a person and eventually the sharing becomes deep profound and intimate.

Big Bear
First Appearance: Forever People #1, February, 1971

Creators: Jack Kirby

 * “Young Justice” Disordered, airing Nov. 11, 2011, Big Bear voiced by Bill Fagerbakke.