Spider-Woman - Never Get Into A Car

One of my pet peeves is when I say, “Good Morning” to people and they do not respond – not even with a nod or grunt. I find it rude and annoying. When students do not respond to my good morning I will stop them and ask, “I said good morning, what should you say?” Each student gets an individual greeting before entering my classroom – they are expected to greet me in return. I find it’s always a nicer Uber ride when I start off with a friendly “Hi, how are you?” to the driver.

Never Get into A Car…

“My mother…My real mother told me never to get into a car with a known terrorist assassin holding a giant gun.” - Spider-Woman*                            

Jessica Drew can adhere to walls, throw bio-electric attacks and produce pheromones. She can fly, she has super strength and agility. Jessica is also immune to radiations and poisons. Those are a lot of abilities. Jessica Drew uses the codename Spider-Woman. She is a detective and worked for S.H.E.I. L.D., S.W.O.R.D. and HYDRA. She has been members of the Avengers, Heroes for Hire and the Lady Liberators. She is very popular within the superhero community. Jessica often weighs the actions of others to trust her own judgments.

When we were children our mothers often said, “Don’t talk to strangers.” Here is a story to think about. A mother and son get into an elevator a man is there and expresses salutations. The mother responds with “Hello”. The man looks at the boy and smiles. The mother says, “Honey this gentleman says good morning. What do you say?” The son answers, “Good Morning”. When the gentleman left the elevator the mother turns to her son asking why was he so rude? “But Mama you said DON’T talk to strangers”. “Sweetheart,” the mother says, “saying ‘Hello’ is NOT a conversation.” We walk down the street, we get elevators, buses, subways and there are people around us. Do we really have to be silent can’t we say good morning? Can’t we respond to salutations? Think about, “saying ‘Hello’ is NOT a conversation.”

Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew)
First Appearance:   Marvel Spotlight #32 (February 1977)

Creators: Archie Goodwin (writer), Sal Buscema (art) and Jim Mooney (ink) 

* “Agent of S.W.O.R.D. Spider-Woman” Animated Series, 2011 Nicolette Reed (voice of Spider-Woman)