Gargoyle - Go Easy

I try not to get frustrated. It was easier when I was younger but as I get older it gets more difficult. I still try to experience difficulties as just part of life and try to keep my lighthearted attitude. Keeping up with my meditation, journalizing and exercise helps. What helps the most is sharing my difficulties with someone. That way I never feel alone in the world.

Go Easy

“AW! NO! I can never have things go easy, can I? - Gargoyle*

Some heroes make the worst decisions and they spend their lives redeeming these past mistakes. Isaac Christians was a rich old man and wanted his youth back. So, he sold his soul to a group of demons. Of course the demons lied to Isaac Christians. Eventually these demons placed Isaac’s soul into a gargoyle’s body and sent him to kill Hellcat, Patsy Walker, of the Defenders. The Defenders help their friend and comrade against this gargoyle. The Defenders helped Isaac see the error of his ways. Isaac Christians rejected the demons and fought alongside the Defenders as the super hero Gargoyle. 

This is going to be tough to hear - sometimes things do not go our way. Sometimes things are hard and difficult. It is what we do during these hard times that makes us special and at peace. It’s how we look at difficulty that makes us unique.  Do we complain or do we find a solution? From the Tao Te Ching we are reminded, Easy promises make for little trust. Taking things lightly results in great difficulty. Because the sage always confronts difficulties, he never experiences them.”** The Taoist expects and/or welcomes difficulty as a part of life – part of the cycles of life, it is natural. Some people believe difficulties are tests of the spirit. Some people believe difficulties are landmarks of the life journey. It still boils down to difficulties are part of life. Don’t complain, deal with the difficulties.

Gargoyle (Isaac Christians)
First Appearance: The Defenders, #94 (April 1981), Marvel Comics

Creators: BJ.M. DeMatteis (writer) Don Perlin (art)

* “Design Demons”, The Supernaturals, #3 of 4, Marvel Comics, December 1998

** “Chapter #63”, Lao Tsu- Tao Te Ching, translation by Gia-fu Feng & Jane English, Wildwood House 1991, first 1972,