Richard Dragon - Slow Down

I try to slow down and take it easy every day. Slowing down gives me time to breath and relax. I often wake up earlier than most so that I can have that time to breathe and begin my day slowly. It is difficult for me to wake up and immediately start rushing around. My mind becomes rigid and dense. I prefer to remain slow and fluid.

Slow Down

“Slow down. Remember to Breathe. It’s simple. It’s the essence of Life.” - Richard Dragon* 

Some heroes start off in the wrong direction. A young Richard Dragon enters a dojo to still a jade Buddha. He is caught the Sensei of the dojo. Richard stays 7 years at the dojo training. He becomes the Kung Fu Master. For a few years he becomes a world adventurer with difficult missions. Eventually he gives all that up and begins training heroes in the martial arts.  Some of his notable students are Nightwing, the Question, the Huntress and Batgirl. Richard Dragon, the Kung Fu Master, reminds his students to not force the effort – slow down and relax into the movement.

These are wonderful words of advice. Why must we rush here and there? “Easy does it” is an old cliche but it is a good suggestion. When we give ourselves the time to move and breathe we are more able to think clearly. We are more able to move freely. Our actions are not forced. When we do not rush around our mood is more pleasant. When we stop for a moment to smell the flowers or watch a bird cross the sky we have a moment for possible inspiration. We have a moment to breathe. It is worth waking up 30 minutes early to have a quiet cup of coffee. It is worth giving yourself the time to take your time – being clear and ready to start the day.

Richard Dragon – Kung Fu Master   
First Appearance: Dragon Fists (novel) May 1974

First Comic Appearance: Kung-Fu Fighter, #1 DC Comics, April-May 1975

Creators: Denis O'Neil (writer) & Jim Berry (art)