Starman - Experience

One of my favorite Supergroups is the Justice Society of America. From the Forties to the Present they have been one of the most influential teams. The JLA is based off their experience. The Avengers borrow aspects of the JSA. The JSA is part of the reason I chose DC to live. In the early days of the JSA they would meet in the basement of the Smithsonian Castle.


“…But EXPERIENCE is also strength! And my experience taught me to watch my back!” - Starman*

During the forties, brilliant astronomer and scientist, Ted Knight, creates a gravity rod to be used as an alternate power source. The gravity rod, later to be referred to as a cosmic rod allows the user to fly and project energy beams and blasts. Eventually Ted creates a mystery man costume and protects Opal City from villainy. He also joins the ranks of the Justice Society of America, the first superhero team. Ted eventually is called upon for his scientific skill from the Government and he becomes one of the creators of the first nuclear bomb. At the same time the love of his life Doris Lee is tragically murdered and Ted is hospitalized in a hospital for the mentally ill. Soon others, including his sons Dave and Jack, take on his mantle of Starman, Ted often gives advice and shares experience to these newcomers. Even in the 30th century, the legionnaire Star Boy, accounts many of the advantages in science to Ted Knight’s experience.

Experience is an important part of learning. Math teachers around the world remind students to put their math skills to daily use. The experience of counting actual money builds knowledge. Also, when we help someone do something, bake a pie, delete computer viruses or even changing the oil in a car, we are sharing our experience. Most businesses may look at where the possible employee went to school but mostly at the experience the employee may have. How do we gain experience? Easy, we gain experience through doing. The best way to gain experience is to just start. The swimming teacher will put the new students in the water immediately for experience. Boxing coaches will put the new boxer in the ring as soon as possible for experience. The best way to gain experience is by doing. If we need help in learning ask – find a teacher and ask for help. There is an old wise saying, “when the student is ready the teacher will appear.” When we are ready finding a teacher will be easy.

Starman (Ted Knight)
First Appearance: Adventure Comics, #61 (April 1941)

Creators: Jack Burnley

* “United We Fall”, All-Star Comics, Volume 13, #69, December 1977