Donna Troy - The Good Fight

Of all the comic book characters, Donna Troy is one of my all-time favorites. Only, Batgirl, beats out Donna Troy. Even today if Donna Troy is in a comic I will read that comic. No matter what changes her character goes through, she is always written to be caring and loving. Most superheroes are shown to be caring for the humans they protect but she always cares equally, if not more, for the people on her team. That is true continuity in a character.

The Good Fight

“I’ll just keep fighting the good fight and I’ll pray someone’s life will be just a little better because of it.” - Donna Troy*

Donna Troy, Wonder Woman’s little sister? Donna Troy has had a very interesting story lines in comics. The original and most popular story is Donna was rescued from a burning building and brought to Paradise Island by Wonder Woman. Queen Hipolyta adopted Donna and the Amazons imbued her with Amazon strengths and abilities. Eventually, Donna left Paradise Island to become “Wonder Girl” and was one of the original Teen Titans (with Robin, Kid Flash, Speedy and Aqualad). Over the years Donna has changed her moniker (Troia, and Darkstar), powers, and costumes. However, through it all, even when powerless, Donna was there fighting the good fight and helping others. 

What is the “Good Fight”? Depending on the speaker it may be World War II, the Suffragettes and their right to vote, or the fight for the immortal soul. In comic books, it is the fight between good and evil. But no matter the viewpoint the “good fight” takes place inside. It is extending the hand to help another even when we do not want to be helpful. The good fight is the questioning – do I help or not? Why question, just do and become a superhero!

Donna Troy
First Appearance: As Wonder Girl, The Brave and The Bold #60, June 1965, DC Comics

Second Appearance: As Troia, The New Teen Titans #55, June 1989, DC Comics

Third Appearance: As a Darkstar, The Darkstars #23, June 1994, DC Comics

 Creators: Bob Haney (script), and Bruno Premiani (art)

*“Why?”, Girl Frenzy: Donna Troy #1, DC Comics, June 1996