Johnny Quick - Fancy Powers

As a kid, I preferred the Justice Society of America (JSA) over the Justice League of America (JLA). There was a stronger camaraderie with its members. There was also certain lunacy to their members that made the story telling fun. One of these characters was Johnny Quick. Even as a kid I knew that "3X2(9YZ)4A" was not accurate. Still the idea and story were fun. Thank goodness, I had a good education. One thing I did learn from comics was how to accept all people – no matter what. Something we all need to learn.

Fancy Powers

“If the White House needs heroes with Fancy Powers, I’m as much an American as any of you! Got it?” - Johnny Quick*

As a student, Johnny Chambers had a guardian, brilliant math professor, Dr Gill. Dr. Gill discovered a Math formula, "3X2(9YZ)4A", that when said as a mantra granted the speaker super-speed.  As the professor was dying he taught the formula to Johnny. Johnny Chambers became a Photojournalist and took on the mantle of Johnny Quick. He joined the Justice Society of America. Met and married Liberty Bell. They had a daughter, Jesse Chambers. Johnny eventually taught the formula to Jesse and she became Jesse Quick.

Does it really matter what country we come from? Being raised as an American is an honor. However, so is being raised Iranian, Chinese or French. Being raised Catholic, Jewish, and Hindu or Buddhist is just as important. The same can go for skin color also. We find all these mixtures of people in America. So today this is not about being an American it is about being proud of heritage. America is a melting pot of individuals accepting ALL people. Today try to accept all people you meet as people proud to be whatever they are. Most of who we are is achieved through education. Sometimes we need to educate ourselves to be accepting of all people.

Johnny Quick
First Appearance: More Fun Comics, #71 (September 1941), DC Comics

Creators: Mort Weisinger 

*”The World on Fire”, All-Star Squadron Vol. 1 #1, (September 1981), DC Comics