Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) - Gimmick

Hal Jordan is the greatest Green Lantern. He has had a long and interesting story. Over the years I have thoroughly enjoyed following him. His simple gimmick was his powerful ring. But his true ability and gimmick was his military and flight training. Given enough time we can always find our own gimmicks as well.


“Being a hero is more than just having a Gimmick. My ring, Flash’s speed…they’re part of us but not the whole. It’s something inside, maybe a lack of fear, an overwhelming desire to see wrongs righted…” - Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)*

There are a group of protectors that police the universe they are the Green Lantern Corps.  They were founded by a group of individuals named the Guardians of the Universe. The universe is broken in to sectors, each sector is given a “Green Lantern” to serve the special needs of that sector. Our sector, 2814, is so busy it has had to have many corps members. The Greatest of these is Hal Jordan. When Abin Saur was defeated the ring was passed on to Hal Jordan. Jordan is a military test pilot with no fear. Because Jordan is fearless he is outspoken and headstrong but he always tries to do what’s right.

Hal Jordan is so wise – we all do have a gimmick. It is easy to see in artists. Educated visual artists will be able to create any form of art drawing painting sculpture …etc. Their art will eventually flow into what they felt most comfortable in and what they want to create the most. The same can be said for singers. Singers will be able to sing but the type of music they want to sing will become their “gimmick”. A medical doctor is trained in medicine and her gimmick is the type of medicine she performs. Finding the something inside is the trick. Why does the artist want to create fused glass paintings? Why does the young doctor want to be a cardiologist helping the elderly? Why does the young girl want to become a police woman? These answers we find inside.

Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)
First Appearance: DC Showcase #22, October 1959 

Creators: John Broome (writer), Gil Kane (art)

* “Rebirth”, Thunderbolt, #1, September 1992