Miss Fury - Angry

I’ve only read one Miss Fury comic. Her story seems interesting. I like the idea of her losing control and going into a blind fury. I can get angry easily. I find myself having to watch my anger. When I feel angry the best thing for me to do is step away or count to ten – sometimes it takes long. There are a few times that I can channel my anger creatively. When there is a conflict I try not to let my anger fuel the problem. I do stand-up for myself, but I try to resolve the conflict with showing my anger. I don’t suppress my anger. I do not need to go into a blind fury saying something I will regret.


“Everyone is doing themselves a weak and cowardly disservice if they don’t ask themselves this question…What are you angry about?” - Miss Fury*

This is what we know. The year is 1941, rich socialite Marla Drake, is bored. She decides to use daddy’s money and go to Africa. When she returns she has a black leather panther outfit with claws and she battles crime as Miss Fury. If she does not keep a grip on herself she gets extremely angry and falls into a blind fury. There are three variations to this story. The first one, while on the African expedition she finds the outfit. Secondly, Marla falls into a vat of African chemicals. And thirdly in a tribal ritual she drinks a potion which gives her catlike abilities. In all three her fury gets the best of her.

What are we angry about? Name that anger right now. It losses power when we name it. Anger affects us physically, spiritually and emotionally. Physically it may appear as tight fists, clinched jaws or stressed shoulders and neck. Spiritually, we may lose the desire to practice balance, or lose the desire to pray and meditate. Then emotionally we may scream and yell; argue and cry; pull away and become silent and withdrawn. In all these our Balance becomes out of whack and we feel the desire to fight, hit or get even. We may want to give up and run away. When feeling anger remember first and foremost the “restraint of pen and tongue.” Secondly name the anger. Then for the physical aspect step away, take a walk, run or bike ride. Maybe hit a punching bag or do something in terms of exercise. This relieves the stress. For the spiritual aspect continue to pray and meditate or try writing about the anger. Lastly for the emotional aspect, call a friend and feel the emotions in a safe place with a friend – sometimes a therapist may be needed. Eventually the fury leaves and all that is left is the acknowledgment of the anger. It becomes easy to talk about and think and express. It becomes easy to think of solutions to the problems that made us angry in the first place.

Miss Fury
First Appearance as: Black Fury, Sunday Newspaper Comics, April 6, 1941, Bell Syndicate

First Appearance as: Miss Fury, #1, Winter 1942, Timely Comics (later Marvel)

Creators: Tarpé Mills

* “Miss Fury”, Volume 1, #1, 2013, Dynamite Comics