Emma Frost - Forgive Me

I’ve been thinking about mercy recently. One aspect of mercy is showing forgiveness. I have been on both ends of forgiveness and it is beautiful. When we show people mercy through forgiveness the world changes. Years of pain can just slip away.

Forgive Me

"Scott…forgive me!” - Emma Frost*

Some superheroes are over-demanding, ruthless, mean, selfish and grandiose. Emma Frost is all of that. Emma Frost is a member of the X-Men, she is a mutant with psychic abilities – telepathy,  mind reading and control, memory alteration  and psychic blasts. She can have induced paralysis and illusion casting. She also has astral projection and she can turn her body into a diamond form which makes her virtually invulnerable. Because of her abilities Emma Frost became the White Queen for the villainous mutant organization “Hellfire Club”. She was the CEO for Frost International and she opened the Massachusetts Academy, a school for young mutants. Her students were trained to be ruthless, mean and assassins. Eventually she loses it all and joins the X-Men. She falls in love with Scott Summers, Cyclops. It is through Scott that Emma learns to become a better person and seek redemption.

We have all done things we regret and do not like. We all have issues. People have done things to us – and have hurt our feelings. There is a word here that is very important – Forgiveness. There cannot be recovery unless we forgive. The person that hurt our feelings will always bug us until we forgive them and move on in our lives. We have hurt someone’s feelings and can’t talk to the person – accept forgiveness for being negative and go talk to the person. We weighed 300 lbs and lost the weight. But now we worry about the weight gaining the weight back. Accept forgiveness for making wrong choices and move forward in life making healthy decisions. Forgiveness is an important tool and it is not easy but once accepted it cannot be taken away.

Emma Frost
First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men, #129, (January1980)

Creators:  Chris Claremont (writer) & Jon Byrne (art)

*Wolverine & the X-Men, Foresight, Episode #26, Marvel Animation, Lionsgate (2009)