Orion - Perfectionists

Believe or not I am a perfectionist. I have worked very hard at not being so caught up in the details. I struggle with perfectionism is in my own art work. I try to loosen up letting the details come naturally with just a simple brush stroke. It can be maddening. I’ve realized that my perfectionism stems from my need to be accepted.


“Perfectionists are their own devils.” - Jack Kirby                                            

Perfectionists. yes superheroes are perfectionists. Some superheroes want things their way because they believe they know what’s best. Orion, one of the “New Gods” is just that way. He believes in perfection - the perfection of battle. He is neglectful of the full effect of his actions. His inability to see the “big picture” can lead him to rash and impulsive actions. So, in a sense his perfection is his greatest weakness.

We know perfectionists – those people that want things “perfect”.  If we believe what all spiritual thinkers tell us, that we are all perfect in the eyes of our creators, then we would have no need to seek perfection. There will always be something to fix or correct. A true perfectionist will have limited thinking and will get caught up into the minute details. Watch an artist at work – they create the details, then they will back up to see the whole painting. They are looking at the “Big Picture”. Then they go back into the work fixing details or continuing where they left off. They continue until the piece of art is completed. The devil for a perfectionist is not being able to let go of the small details. How many times are we told “don’t sweat the small stuff”? Practice being like an artist, taking a step back to look at the “big picture.” Does that one little flower out of place really ruin the whole arrangement?

First Appearance: “New Gods” #1, February 1971 DC Comics

Creators: Jack Kirby (writer and artist)