Invisible Kid - Invisible World

One of my favorite superpowers is invisibility or intangibility. To become and invisible so I can travel without being seen is intriguing. I think this say a lot about my childhood. Still that power would be a great gift. It has a spiritual quality.

Invisible World

Phantom Girl – “How can you see this other world when you become invisible in ours?”

Invisible Kid – “Simple Phantom Girl! I’ll demonstrate with this pen! Now I’m holding it in front of you and I want you to focus on it…See what I mean? When your eyes concentrate on the pen…the rest of me is out of focus!”*

In the 30th Century there will be a group of heroes known as the Legion of Superheroes, they were influenced by Superman and his fellow heroes of the 20th Century. Lyle Norg is one of those 30th Century heroes. Lyle drank a scientific serum that gave him the power of invisibility. Through concentration he managed to visit a “Spiritual World” where he met and fell in love with a ghost, Myla. He visited that world as often as possible. That spiritual world eventually became his home after his earthly death at the hands of a giant deadly creature, Valdius.

Before you start questioning and arguing take a moment to think. All religions speak of “Heaven”, or “Paradise” — a place where we go when we die. Many spiritual thinkers believe that we can communicate with these spiritual planes. Health is a sense of Balance (Physical Spiritual and Emotional). So if the “spiritual” is so important why not try to connect with the spiritual. Some people believe the spiritual is “out of reach” that it is a goal. To reach a goal there must be contact and visualization of the goal. To reach a goal visualize your destiny and accomplish the goal. The same can be said of the spiritual goals – the spiritual world. Visualize your goal, focus on it and reach the goal. It is a matter of “focus”.

Invisible Kid
First Appearance: (Pre-Crisis) Action Comics #267 (1960)

Last Appearance: (Pre-Crisis) Superboy & the Legion of Superheroes #203 (Aug. 1974)

Creators: Jerry Siegel, Jim Mooney

* Superboy & the Legion of Superheroes #203 (Aug. 1974)