Robotman - A Man of Metal

“A positive attitude will bring positive results.” I need to remember this often. It is so easy to forget to practice and exercise when things are going so well. When things are going well is the best time to practice and exercise. One thing I need to practice is a positive attitude. I’m not a man of metal – Dang it!

A Man of Metal

“I am a man of metal – except for my human brain.” - Robotman*

A brilliant scientist, Dr. Robert Crane, was working in his lab with his assistant, Chuck Grayson. The two scientists were taken by surprise by criminals breaking into the lab. While trying to defend the lab Dr. Crane was fatally wounded. His assistant Grayson was able to place Crane’s brilliant mind in the body of a robot they were working on together. At that moment Robotman was created. He would go to be a founding member of the All-Star Squadron and to help develop the devices needed to create the hero Starman. Dr. Crane may have been a Robotman with super strength endurance and agility but he never forgot he was also a great scientist.

We believe we can accomplish anything given the proper training and skills. But there is always something that gets in our way – the human brain. Where does the doubt and negativity originate? Our human brain is where all the negativity originates. Dr. Crane, Robotman, had the brilliant brain and was given a strong body but still he was plaque by negativity and doubt. Why can’t we develop the mind and the body? Exercise will create a healthy strong body. We can also exercise our mind to develop positive attitudes.  Listen to these words “A positive attitude will bring positive results.” It’s true, even if we are “metal men” with super bodies, a positive attitude will accomplish much more today.


First Appearance: All Star Comics vol. 1 #7, April 1942, DC Comics

Creator: Jerry Siegel (writer) and Leo Nowak (artist)  

*”The World on Fire”, All-Star Squadron, #1, DC Comics, September 1981