Valkyrie - A Place To Belong

We all need “a place to belong”. I think that’s why all those Supergroups in the comics, Avengers, JLA, X Men are so important. The heroes can find what they need Love, Support and Togetherness. We like to think that’s home with family. Unfortunately, for whatever reasons, some people have look elsewhere to find the “home” or a place to belong. That’s where finding a family of choice can be more stronger or comforting than a family of origin.

A Place to Belong

“Thou needst friends, and a place to belong – a place in which thou canst learn and grow…” - Valkyrie (Brunnhilde)*

The Norse Gods have influence superheroes and villains – there is Thor and Loki. The Asgardian Demigod Brunnhilde the leader of the Valkyrior (warrior women that took fallen heroes to Valhalla) came to Midgard (Earth) to be a hero as well. Over the years Brunnhilde’s spirit found a home in three women Barbara Denton-Norriss, Sian Bowen and Samantha Parrington. Eventually Samantha Parrington was given the opportunity to become Valkyrie without Brunnhilde‘s spirit. Valkyrie, Samantha Parrington found a permanent home on the superhero team the Defenders.

“A place to belong” sounds so comforting. We all need a place to belong. Whether that place is home, work, church or school. We may find that place in clubs, fraternities or teams. Those places could be found with family and friends. We feel comfort and acceptance in this “Belonging Place.” But also, we grow and learn – we grow into who we are to become and learn the lessons we need to learn. We come to this place with a lot of baggage. It is in these places that we are able to put the baggage away in its proper place. One aspect of a place to belong is Love. Even on a football team a player can find acceptance and love. If the team is a true team working together, then each player will be comfortable enough, loved enough and accepted enough to play harder, faster, longer and BETTER.

First Appearance: Avengers vol. 1 #83 (December, 1970)

First Appearance: Incredible Hulk volume II #142 (August, 1971)

Creators: (Brunnhilde) Roy Thomas, John Buscema and Herb Trimpe

 * The Defenders volume 2 #4 June 2001