Wolverine - Mutant

I’ve always connected with the Mutants – the X Men. Being an outcast in real life it’s easy to connect with the outcasts in a fictional world. It is hard to believe that even in 2018 there are times people are made to feel as an outcast. I may not get along with all people and may not want to spend any time with certain people but who ever they are they are accepted and allowed to live on the earth simply because they exist. I try treat all people the way I want to be treated – with LOVE.  


“If you could actually get rid of your special power which alienates you from the rest of the world, would you do it?” - Hugh Jackman

Logan also known as James Howlett, is a mutant with enhanced animal senses and physical capabilities. He has an unmeasured healing factor and three retractable claws on each hand. Logan uses the superhero moniker Wolverine.  As a young mutant he went through a series of super soldier experiments and was given an Adamantium skeleton. He is one of the most popular of the X-men, Avengers and Alpha Flight teams. Over the years Wolverine has fought for mutant rights and has tried to hide his mutant abilities on occasion. Wolverine has come to the conclusion that for him to hide his true self is a weakness. He is a mutant and he accepts that just as he accepts anyone else (if they stay out of his way).

The X-Men, the superpower Mutants were written and created for Marvel Comics by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in 1963. These created a statement and a foil in comic book form to mirror the sixties. What was going on during the sixties? The 1960’s was a time of civil distress. This was a period of great difficulty and struggle. Many people went to jail and lost their lives in these struggles and riots. What can we learn from the sixties? It is OK to be yourself. Standing up being a voice is important on whatever side but also realizing we are all on the same path to enlightenment. Acceptance is the answer. Accept every person for who they are because when we meet to watch the last sunset that same person will be sitting with you watching the same sunset having the same experience.

First Appearance: Cameo, "The Incredible Hulk"  #180 (October 1974)

First Appearance: Full participate, "The Incredible Hulk" #181 (November 1974)

Creators: Len Wein (plot), John Romita Sr. (art), & Herb Trimpe (art)