Lone Ranger - Polishing Your Britches

I’m one of those people that feels he must be doing this and that or looking here and there for answers. Its taken me a long time to just stop and relax to find the answers I need. Today most of my best ideas come when I take the time to stop and meditate. It the meditation the answer may not come but I’ll know which direction to take.

Polishing Your Britches

“Like the feller says, sometimes polishing your britches gets you further than blistering your feet.” - Lone Ranger (in disguise)*

It is the Old West and John Reid is a member of the Texas Rangers. John’s brother Daniel Reid is leading a posse on a search for Butch Cavendish and his gang. The Rangers are betrayed and ambushed. All the Rangers are killed except John Reid. He is left for dead. A Native American, Tonto found John Reid and nursed him back to health. The two developed a lasting friendship and sought to bring Cavendish and his gang to justice.  To hide his identity John wore a Ranger uniform with a white hat and black mask. Reid took the name, the Lone Ranger. After Cavendish and his men were captured the Lone Ranger and Tonto developed a strike code and continued to bring justice to the Wild West.

Sometimes you must sit still. Maybe not physically moving but spiritually moving. The quote is a quaint mixture of a spiritual philosophy and the Old West. Sometimes it is better to stop and sit. We often think the best way to find an answer or solution is to get active. However the there are times that sitting and resting will bring answers faster – the answers will take us further along the path. Let’s not forget sometimes there is no answer and the best thing to do is just sit and relax. Today take a break from “blistering your feet” by stopping to “polish your britches.”

The Lone Ranger
First Appearance: “The Lone Ranger”, WXYZ radio; Detroit, Michigan, 1933

Creators: Fran Striker & George W. Trendle 

*”The Lone Ranger”, Wrather Productions, Warner Brothers, Feb. 25, 1956, actor Clayton Moore