Peter Cannon, Thunderbolt - I Will

I’m not very familiar with Peter Cannon, Thunderbolt, other than I always loved his red and blue costume. It was fun. In doing my research for today I was moved by this quote, “I can… I must… I will!” I can apply this to so many areas of my life. It’s so simple. It’s another way to remind me to suit-up, show-up and stand-up.

I Will

“I can… I must… I will!” - Peter Cannon, Thunderbolt*

Peter Cannon’s parents were doctors working in the Himalayas looking for a cure to a disease. When Chinese bandits kill Peter’s parents, Peter is raised by Chinese Monks. Peter Cannon is trained to physical and mental perfection. He is trained to resist pain. He has low level of clairvoyance and telekinesis. Eventually Peter Cannon returns to the United States with his friend Tabu to start a new life. But as luck would have it the world needed Peter Cannon, Thunderbolt. 

These words can be used daily, “I can, I must and I will” in many situations. These are important words to remember. As children we learn to do the least favorite things first after that we can do the easier things. Then we can have fun. There’s a cliche’ phrase used, “woulda, coulda, shoulda!” Do we really want to be looked upon as following these words and not fully completing our tasks? If we have goals to complete ask ourselves, what can be done, what will be done, or what must be done? If it can be done the project should be completed. If the project must be done then definitely it should be completed. Yes, sometimes these are easier said than done but think of the raised self-esteem when the goal is complete. Raise the self-esteem today by saying, “I can do this”, “I must do that”, and “I will complete my tasks today.”

Peter Cannon, Thunderbolt
First Appearance: Thunderbolt, #1 (August 1966), Charlton Comics, later DC Comics

Creator: Pete Morisi

* “Rebirth”, Thunderbolt, #1, September 1992, DC Comics