David Brinkley (Overman) - Fly Like A Bird

When people ask me “What superpower do you want,” my first choice is flight. I have always wanted big wings, like Archangel from the X Men or Dawnstar from the Legion of Superheroes. Being able to fly would save me time getting to places and would get me out of the Hussle and Bustle of the traffic on the street. I have done the research – how big would my wings have to me just to lift me off the ground and fly with efficient speed. Each wing would have to be 6’2, or bigger (bigger is better). This proves I am a nerd.

Fly Like A Bird

“Daddy, wouldn’t be nice to fly like a bird?”

“He had replied that he imagined it would be very nice indeed, but that if people could fly then birds would no longer be special.” - David Brinkley *

The retired superhero, David Brinkley that lost his powers and became a husband and father. These being more important but he always missed the heroics. Slowly he starts to regain his powers, but he finds that all the other heroes are lost retired or dead. To solve the mystery, he must become “Overman” (his codename alias). David Brinkley is from the planet Cronk and is weakened by Cronkite. He has blue hair and wears a blue costume. Later he finds that the villain that caused all his problems and stole his powers was, Pxyzsyzygy. During a mid-life crisis David Brinkley’s powers return, and he can save the day realizing valuable lessons about life and people – not to mention lessons about superheroics.

This is an important topic. If we could “fly like a bird” would the birds remain special? If there were superheroes would our world change? With that said it would be nice to fly. Many of us do wish we could fly – nothing is wrong with that. Let’s find what is special in us now and nurture that. Go ahead paint that work of art and in the process there will be an elevation of spirit. Train for that race upon entering the race the spirit will soar. Go ahead accept that new job – a feeling of soaring high above the ground will occur. That’s called joy. That is the feeling of Hope. It is a glorious feeling. With this feeling the birds still remain special.

David Brinkley (Overman)
First Appearance: “Superfolks”, By Robert Mayer, 1977, Dial Press

 * “Superfolks”, By Robert Mayer, 1977, Dial Press,