Wolverine - Lies Awake

I’m not going to be very popular – Wolverine is NOT one of my favorite characters. I can totally see why he is popular but what has ruined my attraction to him for me is how Marvel uses him. Wolverine, it seems to me,  is in every single comic book. I just feel there are so many good characters that can be written about. Oh Well, I won’t let it worry me. Even though, I’m a good friend with worry. Worry and anxiety can wake me up early or just keep me awake at night. Worry can also affect my mood making my day more stressful. But one thing I have learned that helps so much – a good cup of coffee with a friend. Believe me, my feelings toward Wolverine will not keep me awake at night.

Lies Awake

“Babe, do I look like the kind of guy who lies awake at night worrying about the public’s perception of mutants?” - Wolverine*                                                                                       

The mutant, Logan, has enhanced animal senses and physical capabilities. He has an unmeasured healing factor and three retractable claws on each hand. Logan’s superhero moniker is Wolverine.  As a young mutant he went through a series of super soldier experiments and was given an Adamantium skeleton. He has joined the X-men, Avengers and Alpha Flight teams. Over the years Wolverine has fought for mutant rights and has tried to hide his mutant abilities on occasion. Wolverine has come to the conclusion that for him to hide his true self is a weakness. He is a mutant and he accepts that just as he accepts anyone else (as long as they stay out of his way).

Worry, many of us are good friends with worry. Worry is thinking about the future or unknown too much to the point that worry can keep us awake at night. Sometimes there is justified worry. The worry that a family arrives to a destination safely and unharmed or a friend survives a difficult surgery. There are negative worries as well – those cloud our thoughts and mold our negativity.  Too much worry brings stress and stress can lead to anxiety. Anxiety can lead to all sorts of health issues. Let’s look at the superheroes – they relieve stress easily. Superheroes don’t seem to worry about a thing. How do they do that? They have built in stress relievers, their powers or abilities. Wait we have powers and abilities. We have spiritual lives. We have hobbies. A good workout will relieve worry. A good fight on the latest MMORPG can relieve worry. Focus on the task at hand is a good worry reliever. Sometimes the best worry reliever is a cup of coffee with a friend – telling the friend about the worry and then sitting in silence with that friend. There will be a moment of acceptance and love. In that moment of accepted relief and love the worry dissipates.

First Appearance: Cameo, "The Incredible Hulk" #180 (October 1974)

Creators: Len Wein (plot), John Romita Sr. (art), & Herb Trimpe (art)

*”The Tomorrow People”, The Ultimate X-Men Collection, #1-6, Marvel Comics