Union Jack - The Thread

I've always liked Union Jack. Those characters that work very hard to be great and don’t have much in the way of superpowers always have a special place in my heart. Batgirl, Green Arrow, Hawkeye and Black Widow always inspire me to do more, to be better. You find faith that these characters will make it through their story arch somehow – they do eventually.

The Thread

“Faith…The thread that ties this all together…”- Union Jack*                                                     

It is WWI, Lord James Falsworth; a British aristocrat is also a highly trained British Intelligence Officer. He is a martial artist and gunslinger. He uses the codename, Union Jack.  During WWII he joins the group, “The Invaders” which includes Captain America. Unknown to him, Brian, his son is the Destroyer (also an Invader). James is badly wounded and his son Brian takes up the mantle of Union Jack. Eventually Brian is killed in action and Joey Chapman takes on the Mantle of Union Jack to protect Lord Falsworth from, Baron Blood, a villainous vampire.  As luck would have it Joey is chosen, with Captain Britain, to become a “Knight of the Pendragon” and gains increased strength and stamina. All three Union Jacks are strong highly trained fighters set to protect Great Britain from the magical forces set to destroy goodness and the forces of light.

“Faith is the thread that ties this all together” is true. We all place our faith into something – yes even agnostics and atheist have faith. It may be faith in friends or science but it is “faith”. Faith in terms of a word can also be hope, belief, trust, confidence, desire, security, devotion and reverence. Thinking about these words it is easy to understand we all have faith in something. Faith in God or faith that the Sun will rise in the morning or even faith that cells will reproduce. Faith in something is a common thread in ALL our lives.

Union Jack
First Appearance: (James Falsworth), The Invaders, #7 (July 1976), Marvel Comics

First Appearance: (Brian Falsworth), The Invaders, #18 (July 1977), Marvel Comics

First Appearance: (Joey Chapman), Captain America vol. 1 #253 (Jan. 1981), Marvel Comics

Creators: (James & Brian) Roy Thomas (writer) Frank Robbins (art)

Creators: (Joey Chapman) John Byrne & Joe Rubenstein

* “Tradition”, Union Jack, #1, December 1998, Marvel Comics