Silver Agent

Silver Agent is one of those heroes that will defend anyone. If there is one reason I do this each morning it is to teach this lesson, accept all people for who they are no matter race, greed, color, or sexual orientation. It is so important to accept people for who they are. Heroes like Silver Agent, Wonder Woman or Captain American always make me feel that they would protect me no matter what is happening. In their eyes I would always be accepted.

And I See All of Them

“And I see them all, feel them all…Heroes of every stripe and kind…and People, struggling, loving, losing, struggling again. Hoping, Triumphing. And I am part of them all, part of it all from the beginning on to infinity am I’m… I’m… at long last…I’m Home.” - Silver Agent*

Alan Jay Craig was born in Romeyn Falls, 1932 with infantile polio. He had a limp and brace he had to wear. His dad and brothers became police officers but he chose to be a mailman. He delivers a package to known villains and realized they were stuffing ballots boxes to gain a victory in the upcoming election. The villains notice Alan Craig snooping about and chased Craig. Craig hid in a cave where he found a flattened silver coin from the 1900 World’s Fair and another silver object. It is alive but seems like a machine. It transforms Craig into the Silver Agent, the greatest and loved hero of Astro City. In 1973 Silver Agent was be framed for a murder he didn’t commit and was be executed. However, the Centurions, an elite group of time traveling heroes rescued Silver Agent. Silver Agent’s self-less actions will inspire many heroes to step up and protect Astro City.

What a lovely description this is to read. We are all people, “struggling, loving, losing, struggling again. Hoping, Triumphing.” No matter the race creed color religion etc… we seek the same things. We feel the same emotions. We seek to be accepted and loved. To get through life among all the struggles and heartaches with only the triumphing hope as a source. Learning, knowing and recognizing this can’t we come home and be a person among people.

Silver Agent

First Appearance: Astro City: Life in the Big City, #1 (Aug. 1995), Image Comics

Creators: Kurt Busiek (writer), Alex Ross (designer) Brent Anderson (art)

* “Home to the Hill”, Silver Agent, Astro City Special, #2 (Aug. 2010), Wildstorm, DC Comics