Forager - Food is Good

I fast one day a week. I use the fast for cleansing and detoxifying my body. It is also a good reminder of the important gift food is to us. I try to break my fast with a nice meal or with someone special. Making that connection to the gifts around me is important to balanced living.  

Food is Good

“This food is good! It is made by the Eternals!" - Forager*

Forager is a humanoid bug that lives with his colony on the ground of “New Genesis”, while the new gods live in the floating city of “Supertown”. His colony lives with and for the “Queen Widow” and “Prime One”. Forager is sent on to find what is needed for the colony. Considered low life by the New Gods Forager does not let their thoughts stop him to do what is right. He shows more human compassion than many of the New Gods. Everything he receives or finds he considers it a gift from the Eternals.

Food is Good! Food is a gift. The air we breathe is a gift. The light and warmth from the sun is a gift. The coolness of night is a gift.  Who cares where these gifts come from as long as we consider them a gift and treat them as gifts? The Taoist believes that each meal is another time to connect to the spiritual and so seek to entertain the 5 flavors in the simplest of manner. Many of the Christians say prayers thanking God for the gifts they are about to receive. Even if we are eating alone we can treat that meal as special and a gift. So sitting down to eat, taking a breath and taking a walk outside is a gift. Treat it as special and it will be special.

First Appearance: New Gods #9, DC Comics (August 1972)

Creators: Jack Kirby (writer & artist)

 * “The Bug” New Gods #9, DC Comics (August 1972)