She Hulk - A Great Big Adventure

One superhero that needs her own movie or TV show would be She Hulk. She is one of the funniest and traditionally heroic characters. If we’re talking about laughing and having a Kiki, She Hulk is your girl. She’s ready to have an adventure – even a low down little dirty adventure. But, she is also willing to help the helpless in anyway. She has one of the biggest hearts for superhero.

A Great Big Adventure

The Thing – “You gonna play nice?”

She-Hulk – “Yeah.”

The Thing – “And Life is…?”

She-Hulk – “A great big adventure.”

The Thing – “Atta girl.” *

Superheroes have no problem finding adventure. The life of a Superhero is really one big adventure after another.  Jennifer Walters was just an ordinary girl, living the life of a big city lawyer. She was working on helping her cousin Bruce Banner (AKA The Hulk) with his legal problems. Because of an illness she needed an emergency blood transfusion. She has a rare blood type, and the only blood available in her type was from her cousin Bruce Banner. The Gamma-irradiated blood changed Jennifer Walters’ mild-mannered and mousy lawyer into the ever popular; more impulsive and uninhibited tall voluptuous green bombshell – the She-Hulk. From that moment on Jennifer Walters’ life was totally one big adventure. She has traveled to different planets with the Avengers, to different Dimensions with the Fantastic Four and fighting villains here on Earth.

Today we can sit at home or behind our desk waiting for some fun or we can go out and find “the big adventure”.  “Life was meant to be lived, not understood” (Santayana). Now of course we will not fly to other galaxies or other dimensions, but we can take that macramé class or ask that nice young man out for coffee. Life is what we put into it and there will be days that are difficult. Remember we have choices. The difficulty we experience is a lesson to be learned. Victory is sweeter when there is a little struggle. Make life what it truly is – “A great big Adventure.”  

First Appearance: Savage She-Hulk #1
Creator: Stan Lee, John Buscema

* She-Hulk, Dan Slott and Juan Bobillo #3 July 2004