Phantom Girl - Pretty Much!

If you’ve been lucky to spend any time with me, you know I LOVE to laugh and have a good time. I love to Kiki with my Good Judys. Even in my classroom we find time to laugh and giggle, but we still get the job done. With my adult friends some of the best laughs come from what happens in the classroom. This doesn't mean I do get bogged down or negative sometimes. The laughing helps bring me out of negativity.  Laughter is healing for me.

Pretty Much

“Do you guys always have this much fun?”                 Superboy

“Pretty Much!”                                                        Phantom Girl* 

The Legion of Superheroes of the 30th Century would travel to the 20th Century to invite Clark Kent (Superboy) to become a member of the Legion. One of these young superheroes was Phantom Girl. Tinya Wazzo is from the planet Bgztl that exist in the space as Earth but on another dimension – a “phantom dimension”.  All Bgztlians have the ability to become phantoms. Tinya uses her abilities to help the Legion of Superheroes, her best friends, and they have fun saving the universe.

Who says doing your daily practice, job or duties have to be drudgery? Who says going to work every day has to be boring? Nobody really it is just a frame of mind many people have. Lawrence R says, “Do what’s right and have fun doing it!” Take the example from the Legion of Superheroes have fun saving the universe! Yes there are “Negative Nellies” out there that seem to bring others down – we do not need to listen to them. Just keep a hopeful, joyful and free frame of mind. Try to stay Open-minded and Open-hearted. Every day we are given opportunities to laugh and smile. Look for those opportunities and take those opportunities.

Phantom Girl   
First Appearance: Action comics #276 (May 1961)

Creators: Jerry Siegel & Jim Mooney 

* Superboy & Phantom Girl, “Man of Tomorrow”, episode, Legion of Superheroes, Sept. 23, 2006 (2006-09-23)

Actors Heather Hogan (Phantom Girl) & Yuri Lowenthal (Superman)