The Shinning Knight - Soar Once Again!

This has been a crazy week. Weeks like this can make one tired and grumpy. What I do in times like this is meditate more, focus on the positive, communicate less with negative nellies and keep my eye on the goal. I also try to change something that I do have control over. I might change where I sit to read or where I meditate. I may just walk to work instead of taking the bus. I feel I have control in some ways and then my focus starts to change. I can see the positive and before I know it the work week is over and I have a nice little weekend to relax.

Soar Once Again!

“How my heart does rejoice to see you freed from the restraints which hid your wings, so that you may soar once again!” - Shinning Knight*

Sir Justin a knight of King Arthur vowed to avenge the Murder of Sir Fallon, Queen Guinevere’s cousin, at the hands of the ogre Blunderbore. On his way, Sir Justin found the wizard Merlin trapped by a witch’s spell in a tree. After being freed, Merlin gave Justin a new invulnerable sinning golden armor, sword and shield. Merlin also gave Justin a winged horse, Winged Victory. Sir Justin found Blunderbore atop a mountain. Sir Justin won the battle avenging his friend but Justin and Winged Victory were trapped in an icy avalanche frozen for centuries. In the year 1941, they were found and thawed by archeologists. After being thawed Sir Justin and Winged Victory were alive. Justin took the name Shinning Knight and fought on the side of justice. The Shinning Knight would join the teams, Seven Soldiers of Victory, the All-Star Squadron and the Justice Society of America.

There are times when we feel trapped or bogged down in the mire of daily life. There is one thing to always remember – the world as we know it is a series of cycles. Eventually things will change and there will be a sense of freedom and release. That sense of release is a good sign that a lesson has been learned. Many times we are bogged down there is a lesson to learn. Sometimes we are out of balance which causes stress and trapped feelings. Seeking balance will set things right again. Just trust that once things will change again.

Shinning Knight

First Appearance: Adventure Comics, #66 (September 1941), DC Comics  

Creator: Creig Flessel (writer & artist)  

*“The World on Fire”, All-Star Squadron, #1, (September 1981), DC Comics