Firehawk - Crazy

I have felt crazy and turned inside out – many times. First and foremost being when my mother died. She was the one person that I felt loved me unconditionally. Her death left a major hole in my life. I had a practice and friends that walked me through the grief. The second major change in my life was moving to DC. That was a bit harder because I did not have the close network of friends in DC. I had to depend on myself for the support. however, I had daily practices in place that I learned from my mother's death. I was able to see the move to DC as a big adventure. It was very exciting.


“The last few days have been so CRAZY I feel as if I’ve been turned inside out.” - Firehawk*

Loraine Reilly, student and daughter of Politian, Senator Walter Reilly, was attacked by the Black Bison (for how her father treated Native Americans) but Loraine is rescued by the hero Firestorm. This brings her to the attention of the villainous Henry Hewitt. Hewitt kidnaps Loraine for attempt to bully her father in the Senate. Hewitt decides instead to recreate the accident that created Firestorm on Loraine. However it did not work out as he planned (not knowing the true nature of Firestorm’s powers). The accident gave Loraine flight, intangibility and control over fire and radiation. Hewitt instructed Loraine, now Firehawk to hunt and kill Firestorm.  However this backfired also because Firestorm started a romantic relationship with Firehawk, bringing her to the side of the light and good.  Loraine eventually gave up super-heroics entering the politics and becoming a Senator like her father.

Raise your hand if you ever felt as if our world has been turned inside out and crazy? Sometimes big changes make us feel that way – loss of a love one, a new job, starting college away from home. The thing to do is have certain things in place –  daily journaling, daily meditation or daily walks. Traveling with favorite books or pictures can help also. Remember the result from a change is always good. No matter how sad the change or loss may be the lessons learned from the change will inspire and bring hope, eventually. The crazy feeling is just the hole that needs to be filled. Find new ways to fill that hole. The daily practices we set up will be a good starting point.

First Appearance: Firestorm, vol. 2 #1 (June 1982), DC Comics

Creators: Gerry Conway (writer) Pat Broderick (art)

* “A Long Night’s Journey into Day”, Firestorm, #42, December 1985, DC Comics