Karate Kid - Courage

Karate Kid is one of my favorite superheroes. His gifts are based purely in training and his inner virtue. He is heroic because he can be and strives to be a hero. The thing for me to remember is to notice in my life the courageous things I have done. Moving to DC took courage. Each time I stand-up (big or small) for myself takes courage.


“…Cool the superiority trip! Besides, Super Powers don’t make a hero …Courage does!” - Karate Kid*

The Legion of Superheroes of the 30th century is inspired by the heroes of the 20th century. These kids come from planets that are part of the United Planets. Each representative has a superpower accept Val Armorr, better known as Karate Kid. Karate Kid has mastered every form of martial arts from every planet. He can find a way through obstacle. Karate Kid fought Superboy to a draw with his skill. He has singled handedly fought the Fatal Five, and various members of “the Legion of Super-Villains”. Karate Kid shows us that super powers do not make a Superhero, it is the courage we show in living.  

Superheroes are very courageous. But so are we. We have learned that courage is perseverance. Courage is facing a difficulty. The true lesson here is how we face difficult situations and how we persevere. Do we hide in the shadows or do we walk with our heads held high unafraid to speak plainly clearly and precisely. According to Edgar Cayce, “every experience and condition is a useful experience, and these are either made as stumbling blocks or stepping stones.” Try to remember it is how we step over the “stepping stones.” We ask ourselves daily, What are the challenges we must overcome? Where are we at fault? Are we showing enough sensitivity to others? Do we neglect our needs? Do we express ourselves in emotional outbursts?  Courage is not screaming and fighting. Courage is not boasting or grandiosity. True courage knows when to act and when to walk away. The serenity prayer offers help, “Grant me the serenity to accept the things I can not change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference.” I like to add – and the willingness to get the job done.

Karate Kid
First Appearance: “One of us is a Traitor!” Adventure Comics #346, July 1966

Creators: Jim Shooter (plot), Sheldon Moldoff, Curt Swan and George Klein (art)

 * “My world begins in Yesterday” Karate Kid #1 March, 1976