Northwind - Simplify Things

People say, “Keep It Simple Stupid”. I don’t like that catchphrase because I’m not stupid. I would not listen to people whenever that phrase was used. I had a dear friend, Susan H, that would call be sweetheart often. One day it occurred to me that all I had to do was change the words to fit me. I have not changed the meaning at all, it just fits my needs. I’m keeping it simple.  

Simplify Things

“One thing for sure, it’ll certainly simplify things.” - Northwind*

Carter Hall, the archaeologist also known as Hawkman would travel to the community of winged people, the Feitheran race. On one of the trips he brings an archaeologist colleague, Fred Cantrell. Fred meets and falls in love with Osroro, a Feitheran woman. They marry and have a son, Norda. Trained in the Feitheran magic Norda, saves his people from Silver Scarab. Norda eventually travels to Washington, DC where he meets the members of Infinity Incorporated and becomes Northwind the high flying hero. Northwind is protector of nature and the animal kingdom.

Here is a catchphrase, “K. I. S. S. – Keep It Simple Sweetheart. It is helpful in a day’s events. Don’t get bogged down in complication “keep it simple sweetheart”. This isn’t an opportunity to be lazy. This is an opportunity to make words and activities understood and less difficult to follow. We complicate matters to hide or keep people at a distance or even because we want to procrastinate. It is better to just say it and move forward. It is better to do what is right in front of us to do.  Walt Whitman wrote, “Simplicity is the glory of expression.” Also Richard Bach the author of Illusions wrote, "the simplest things are often the truest." Today keep it real, keep it true and above all else just be you. This is a great challenge.

First Appearance: All-Star Squadron, #25 (September 1983)

Creators: Roy Thomas (writer) & Jerry Ordway (art)

* “3 Earths 3 Deaths”, Crisis on Infinite Earths, #6, 1985