Nightmaster - Kind of Atmosphere

I love working with a staff that can be supportive, that can laugh and have fun. It makes the job fun and easier. I think there are times when the job gets difficult – that’s why it’s called work. But who ever said the job must be drudgery. I try to create a relax atmosphere in my classroom where learning is based on mutual respect, support and creativity. A place where we can find time to laugh a little.

Kind of Atmosphere

“If I can create the kind of atmosphere where the people I am working with feel as if they’re enjoying themselves and can do things they want to do, they’re going to do better work than if they are told…” - Dick Giordano*

Jim Rook hopes of finding a venue for his band. He finds an old run-down shop called Oblivion Inc. Upon entering the building Jim is magically teleported to the war-torn land of Myrra. Jim finds the “Sword of Night” and learns he is the ancestor of Myrra’s greatest champion, Nightmaster. Jim takes up the mantle of Nightmaster and has many adventures in Myrra. Eventually when peace comes back to Myrra Jim returns to our dimension. He turns Oblivion Inc into a bookstore and joins the magical super-group, Primal Force. Eventually, Jim returns to the inter-dimensional Oblivion Bookstore and turns it into the inter-dimensional Oblivion Bar, a popular hangout for magical beings. Because of the “Infinite Crisis” all magic is in chaos. Jim Rook as Nightmaster gathers other magical beings, Enchantress, Detective Chimp, Ragman, Nightshade and Blue Devil to protect the innocent as the group, Shadowpact. As the leader of Shadowpact, Nightmaster sought to create a team based on need, mutual respect and talent.

Think about a comic book office with writers, artists and other creative people working to create something fun and exciting. To get something fun creative the staff would have to have fun. Could we have that same feeling in our offices? Could we create an atmosphere of fun, creativity or accomplishment? The answer is definitely yes. Naturally, the next question is how? It comes from leadership. The Tao Te Ching suggests that to lead one must follow behind. It is easy when we remember where we came from and the positive efforts we made. When teachers remember what it was like to be a student, classrooms become more children friendly, interesting and relaxed. The same can be applied to an office or with fellow employees. Bringing in a cookie tray, plan a happy hour or buy lunch for the office staff will create for a brief moment a more relaxed and fun moment. The conversations during that relaxed moment can energize the staff for the rest of the day. 

First Appearance: Showcase, #82 (May 1969), DC Comics

Creators: Denny O’Neil (writer) Jerry Grandenetti (art) & Dick Giordano (editor)

*"The Dick Giordano interview, part 1 of 3, The comics journal, Gary Groth, March 31, 2010,