Anthro - Jumps...

There is a double dose today. I forgot to hit publish yesterday. HA!

Taking a leap of faith can be scary but it is also exciting. Recently, I decided to take a leap of faith and make some changes to my life. These changes will allow me an opportunity to paint more and pursue different creative outlets. I’m excited about these changes. I remember, I took a leap of faith moving to DC. I am so glad I did – it was the best choice for me and I am glad I moved.  


“…Both anxious and frightened, Anthro breathes in deeply… then the young hunter Jumps…”        Narrator*

“The First Boy”, Anthro, is the first Cro-Magnon boy born in the Stone Age. His Neanderthal father, Ne-Ahn trained him in the ways of the Bear Tribe. Anthro is lucky to have two wives Embra and Nima. Soon the human race begins when Embra bears Anthro a son. Anthro becomes the protector and warrior of the Bear Tribe.

Take a look at the Fool card in a Tarot deck. Typically the card is represented by a young man on a journey with his pet dog closely behind. The young man is having so much fun enjoying his journey he is unaware of the cliff in front of him. This card symbolizes foolish leaps of faith. Yes a leap of faith is foolish but sometimes a foolish leap of faith lands us right where we need to be. Kobi Yamada wrote, “Sometimes you just have to take the leap and build your wings on the way down.” We all know when we are at that jumping point – the rational mind starts speaking loudly (What will people think? How will I care for myself? I have bills to pay?). take a lesson from Anthro – “anxious and frightened he breathes and then he jumps”. Go ahead take the leap.

First Appearance: Showcase #74 (May 1968)

Creators: Howard Post (writer & artist)

*“Time and Time Again”, Crisis on Infinite Earths, #2, 1985