Dream Girl - How Did This Happen...

Sometimes when riding my bike, I’ll get this flash thought to take a different route. Most of the time I’ll take the different route but when I don’t I always in up in weird situations. I might have a flat, I might get stuck in traffic or in some cases even wreck my bike. I’m not saying I’m clairvoyant, but they still they make me think.  

I’ve always thought Clairvoyant would be a great name for a drag queen. Welcome to the stage the multi-talent, the multi-faceted, the girl that knows it all… Clara Voyant! (And the crowd goes wild).

How Did This Happen…

“What I don’t understand…is why didn’t I dream of its coming? How did this happen without my knowing about it? - Dream Girl*

In the 30th Century if you can think of a power, you will find someone with that power. Nura Nal, from the planet Naltor, has the ability of precognition. Nura has her visions in her dreams. She sees 7 Legionnaires die and sets out on an elaborate plan to save them. After which she is invited to join the Legion of Superheroes as Dream Girl. Dream Girl was in the science league with Brainiac 5 and Invisible Kid. Dream Girl trained with Karate Kid and Timber Wolf to become one of the top non-powered based fighters in the League. However, no one could surpass Dream Girl’s precognitive abilities.

Precognitive ability is the knowledge of something happening in advance of its occurrence. Sometimes known as clairvoyance. With that ability we could win horse races or always win at Black Jack. We would always know beforehand the traffic situation. We could help prevent disasters! But, in all fairness where would the excitement be if we always won Black Jack or we never got to see the man picking his nose during the traffic jam? At some point we would sit with our eyes closed wishing we didn’t see another disaster happening. It is better to be surprised. It is better to wish for your horse to be first. It is better to get on the plane not knowing about disaster. Today just go with the flow and let the day happen as it would – there might be a surprise!

Dream Girl

First Appearance: Adventure Comics #317, February 1964, DC Comics  

Creators: Edmond Hamilton (writer) & John Forte (art)   

*”Oblivion Upon Us”, Crisis on Infinite Earths #3, 1985