Cyborg - Lousy Personality

Today at noon starts Spring Break. I will need this time off to adjust my attitude. Sometimes we all need attitude adjustments. I will use this time to rest and do things that can change my attitude – bike riding, walking, longer meditations, painting and hanging out with friends. We all need attitude adjustments sometimes.

Lousy Personality

“Girl, you may fight okay – but you got yourself one lousy personality.” - Cyborg*

Victor Stone, the son of two STAR Lab scientists, Elinore and Silas Stone, was subjected to intelligence enhancement experiments by his parents. Although Victor obtained a genius level IQ what he really wanted to do was play sports. This was a hardship between him and his parents. Eventually Victor got involved with some gang violence and is wounded which ruins his sports career. While watching his parents at STAR Labs perform an inter-dimensional teleportation experiment, a horrible creature is manifested. Mrs. Stone, Elinore is killed. Victor is horribly mutilated. The only way Silas can save his son is to fit him with cybernetic body parts including cybernetics to his brain. Victor awakens to be rejected by his friends and girlfriend. He develops low self-esteem blaming his father for his troubles. Victor eventually joins the Teen Titans finding new friends and family. Through the Teen Titans, Victor repairs his relationship with his father and grows to become an important part of the superhero community.

We can look at our lives in negative ways letting low self-esteem grow or we can try to be positive. Do we have to act upon negativity in our lives?  In her song, “New Attitude”, Patti Labelle sings, “Somehow the wires uncrossed, my tables were turned. Never knew I had such a lesson to learn. I'm feelin' good from my head to my shoes. Know where I'm goin' and I know what to do. I tied it up my point of view, I got a new attitude!” Sometimes that is exactly what we need – A New Attitude. When we have a bad attitude or “lousy personality” it is probably low self-esteem. We can do the simple things, new haircut, new shoes or outfit. We can run that extra mile. We can ask a new friend for coffee. We can serve soup at the homeless shelter. It is the little attitude adjustments that grow into important esteem building activities.

First Appearance: DC Presents Showcase, #26 (October, 1980) DC Comics

Creators: Marv Wolfman and George Perez

* “Who Killed Trident?” The New Teen Titans #33, volume 4 (July, 1983) DC Comics