Deathlok - A Good Man

Believe it or not, I have done some bad things over the years. In every instance I had a choice and I chose to be negative. Each time my decisions were based in fear, anger, greed or resentment. I’ve learned different ways to make decisions in my life. I believe no one is bad or negative. We have choices and it is the choices we make that cause “bad” or “negative” results. There are many arguments that can arise from my statements, but I still believe with education, medical treatment and other socially nurturing benefits, people do not need to make decisions that will lead to being classified as bad.

A Good Man

“I’m still a good man!” - Deathlok (Michael Collins)*

The “Deathlok” technology was created by not so generous businessmen to become a military weapon. The idea is to take dead soldiers and reanimate their bodies with cybernetic enhancements. They become stronger faster and meaner. There have been several “Deathloks” created, Luther Manning, John Kelly, Michael Collins, Jack Truman and Larry Young. Each soldier, agent or scientist was enhanced with the Deathlok Technology and each one fought to keep their humanity. In fighting to keep their humanity they would become “good men” helping the innocent.

Let’s face all we really want to be “good” and helpful. No one sets out to be “bad”. The decisions we make can make us do things that are unaccepted or criminal. The idea of “good” is based on laws and doctrine. Is the drug addict stuck in a horrible addiction a “bad” person? Is the homeless child that steals food for his poor starving family actually bad? It’s the decisions that have been made that lead people to these destructive behaviors. We are all born with the potential of goodness. We are all born with Hope and Peace. We are all born with Love. It is the decisions we make to lead us to fear, anger and hate. It is the decisions we make that lead us to the idea of “bad”. Try to remember in dealing with people – in the beginning we were all young, innocent and good. 

Deathlok (Michael Collins)
First Appearance: (as Manning) Astonishing Tales, #25 (August 1974), Marvel Comics

First Appearance: (as Collins) Deathlok, #1 (July 1990), Marvel Comics

Creators (for Manning): Doug Moench (writer) Rich Buckler (artist)

Creators (for Collins): Dwayne McDuffie, Gregory Wright and Jackson Guice 

 * “Ryker’s Island”, Deathlok Special, #4 (June 1991), Marvel Comics