Ganthet - Change Is Good

Change is good. All change is good. Yes, my mother’s death was not a happy moment and I mourned for a very long time. I still miss my mother. However, with my mother’s death I was forced to take care of myself. I became more independent. I stopped being dependent on my father as well. Eventually, I was able to move to DC because I was adult enough to make those decisions on my own. I know it’s hard to understand but the change in me from her death has been good. I appreciate the lessons I’ve learned.

Change is Good

“It is the nature of reality to change, and because that is so, change must be accepted as the highest good.” - Ganthet *

The are a group of little blue men, in little red robes embroidered with a stylized green lantern. These little blue men are the Guardians of the Universe. They have been around for trillions of years and they have created the universal police army, the Green Lantern Corps. Each member of the corps is given a ring that can do anything the wearer demands (as long as his/her willpower is strong enough). The rings are charged by a Green Lantern which each are connected to the Battery Core on the Guardians home planet of OA (pronounce “Oh-Ah”). The oldest of all the Guardians is Ganthet. Through the billions of years of his existence he has seen changes in the universe, he has watched the fall of the Green Lantern Corps, the destruction of the Battery Core, and the death of his fellow Guardians. Then Ganthet watched the birth of the new Guardians of the Universe and raised the new Guardians to become the rulers of the new Green Lantern Corps. Change to Ganthet is good.

Change is inevitable. There is no way to fight change. Let it happen naturally. Change is difficult and sometimes not nice or expected but when the change has finished and we are free, what do we find? That only good has come from the change. A disaster and problem is the universe’s way of saying get back on track. We loose our way and forget what is right so the universe turns our world upside down to change our perspective and get us back on track. If we take the time to look at the change as an opportunity to do something good and to get back on the spiritual path – then only good can come from change. Yes, death and destruction and disasters are hurtful and leave us in pain. But, our dead loved ones are no longer in pain, and we find that a new group of people has filled that space left by our loved one. Remember change is good.

First Appearance: “Green Lantern: Ganthet’s Tale” Graphic Novel 1992

Creators: Larry Niven (script), John Byrne (art)

 * “Green Lantern: Hero’s Quest” novel by Dennis O’Neil, April 2005