Strong Man - Leverage

Being in Balance (physical, spiritual and emotional) is important to me. My body and spirit feel it quickly when I am out of Balance (PSE). Certain foods can change my mood. Lack of exercise makes me feel tired and more anxious. Losing meditation time makes me more anxious. When I spend less time with friends I become withdrawn and negative leading to more anxiety and less exercise. It can become an endless cycle of negativity and then my health starts to suffer. Keeping my Balance (PSE) helps me keep my anxiety in check. Keeping my Balance (PSE) helps to keep me in good health. Balance (PSE) is important to my positive outlook.


“For a breathless moment the tremendous live weight pulls him to a teetering, precarious unbalance” 

“It’s not their total WEIGHT…it’s the LEVERAGE that’s against me…!” - Strong Man*

A young boy growing up in a circus loses his parents to a trapeze accident. The circus performers, Hercules (circus strongman) and the General (circus dwarf) raise the young boy and teach him all the tricks of the circus – Stage Magic, Acrobats, Lariat and Knife Throwing. The young boy develops a great memory. Living in a circus he becomes physically fit and super strong. Using his skills, he starts to fight crime taking the name, Strong Man. Dressed in the traditional circus strong man costume of a Leopard Skin leotard he quickly makes a name for himself with his feats of strength and skill. 

Balance is when things are even and perfectly equal. It is difficult to stand on tip-toe for a long while. It is also difficult to stand with our legs spread far apart. We often speak of Balance in the Physical sense (food, sleep and exercise), Spiritual sense (daily meditation) and Emotional sense (communication). What happens when we become out of balance? Sometimes we need to take a step back and look at where we are out of balance. Ask specific questions, did I change my habits today, did I eat properly and healthy, did I get enough sleep or exercise, did I give myself quiet time, did I call a friend? These ideas and practices give us different ways that we can step back and find our “leverage”.  Then we can regain the Balance (Physical, Spiritual and Emotional) needed to save the day.

Strong Man
First Appearance: Strong Man, #1 (April 1955), Magazine Enterprises

Creators: Bob Powell, with Gardner Fox, Dick Ayers

* “Peril at Devil’s Kitchen”, Strong Man, #3, October 1955, Magazine Enterprises