Huntress - Lessons

One of my favorites is Helena Bertinelli, the Huntress. I think her story is powerful. The lessons she learned along the way are important. I connected with her because she was a teacher. The lessons I’ve learned have molded me into the person I am today. I appreciate those lessons – the good and bad. One lesson I’ve learned is sharing with people makes the lessons easier. The more I share with people the less alone I feel. When we were in school, studying with others made learning easier. In life’s lessons sharing with others makes the lessons easier as well.


“Hello, everyone…My name is Ms. Bertinelli, I’ll be your teacher.” - Helena Bertinelli, Huntress *

Life brings pain and misery to our heroes; it is part of their lives. What makes the superheroes “super” is this pain and suffering. It is what the superheroes do with this pain and suffering that is important to learn. Helena Bertinelli was the daughter of a Mafia godfather. When Helena was five years old her family was murdered at the dinner table in front of her. She was then raised by the rest of her Mafia relatives and trained to be her family’s vengeance. However, Helena did not become the vengeful killer. She took her lessons, her pain, her suffering, and turned it into heroism. She is a protector of children, as Gotham City’s Huntress. Her job is that of a teacher. As Helena she teaches lessons to her students but as the Huntress she teaches lessons to Gotham’s villains. But the Huntress is not afraid to learn new lessons that will make her stronger or move her along on her journey. 

Life is full of lessons. Some lessons are easy, and some lessons are so very painful. How we deal with the lessons are what is important. Over time life’s lessons change us into the people we want to become. Everyday is a new day. Everyday is a new lesson. There is no way around misery but if we are diligent and strong believing in ourselves, keeping that image of the strong courageous hero in our mind and heart, life’s lessons are easily learned. Over time we will change into the person we want to become. “We must be the change we wish to see in the world” (Mahatma Gandhi).

First Appearance: As Helena Wayne (Earth 2’s Huntress), All-star Comics, #69

Second Appearance: As Helena Bertinelli (current persona), The Huntress #1 Apr. 1989

 * “One Day Well-Chosen” Birds of Prey #68, Aug. 2004