Tom Strong - Answer Is Stranger

My answers have been getting stranger lately. When I was younger I was satisfied with a scientific or mathematical answer but these days I need a deeper and more broad answer. For example, my health and wellbeing can be managed more easily with meditation and exercise. My health issues can be managed spiritually. Scientifically, I’m told to take a pill, but I get more benefit from a meditation and exercise. To me that seems strange – my inner scientist in me says take a pill but my inner sage says take less pills and meditate more. My sage seems to be correct a balanced life seems to be more healthy for me.

Answer is Stranger

“…And I fear the answer is stranger than we were anticipating!” - Tom Strong*

Tom Strong was born on the West Indian island of Attabar Teru, to eccentric yet brilliant scientist parents. He was raised in a high gravity chamber with an intense education. He was fed nothing but Goloka Root, a strange plant that causes long life and superb health. After, Tom Strong’s parents were killed in an explosion, the family robot, Pneuman (Newman) finishes his education and upbringing. Tom Strong eventually left Attabar Teru moving to Millennium City with his wife Dhalua, and their daughter, Tesla, where he built their home the Stronghold. Tom Strong was born 1899 and well over 100 years old, he looks as if he is 40 years old. He is brilliant and finds scientific answers to problems he and his family may face.

No matter the question there is always an answer. It might take a while before the answer comes but it will arrive. The more we learn and grow the stranger the questions become and the answers seem to get even stranger. Sometimes the simplest questions produce a strange answer. The crazy question gives a perfectly simple answer. Should we let the strangeness stop us from asking questions – never! Ask! Ask! Ask! Never let fear or the anticipation of an answer stop the question. The distance between the question and the answer are the miles we have traveled spiritually.

Tom Strong
First Appearance: Tom Strong, #1, 1999, America’s Best Comics

Creators: Alan Moore (writer) Chris Sprouse (art)

* “Riders of the Lost Mesa”, Tom Strong Collected Edition Book 2, 2002,

Originally Tom Strong #8-14, 2000-2001, America’s Best Comics