Elongated Man - Would I Change It

Carmine Infantino was a huge inspiration for me. He was important to some of my favorite characters. He was influential in the creation of Batgirl (Barbara Gordon), Black Canary, and The Flash (Barry Allen). Although he started his career during the Golden Age of comics he was very influential to the re-imagining of some characters that brought about the Silver Age of comics. Growing up I thoroughly enjoyed his art.

Would I Change It?

“Would I change it?” I don’t think so. I would’ve done the same things again…” - Carmine Infantino*

Ralph Dibny always loved the Contortionists. In talking to different ones he found that they drank different drinks made with Gingold. So Ralph studied chemistry and extracted a concentrated amount of “Gingo” from the Yucatan fruit. This super Gingo Extract gave him his elasticity powers. Ralph Dibny became a super powered detective. Soon Ralph met and married Sue. They were happily together for many years.

Are there things we would change? Probably we would change some of the little things – telling the mean kids off, not stealing the yoyo, or growing sunflowers instead of tomatoes.  Would we change the big stuff? If life is in happy balance why change? We all know there will be changes galore. Change is an everyday part of life.  We have come to expect it but if there is happiness and balance why seek change. The universe only wants us to be happy. Comic book artist and editor, Carmine Infantino said, “Would I change it?” I don’t think so. I would’ve done the same things again.” You get a sense he was happy in this his last interview.      

Ralph Dibny, The Elongated Man
First Appearance: The Flash vol. 1, #112 (May 12, 1960)

Creators: John Broome (plot), Carmine Infantino (art)

*“Carmine Infantino's Final Interview? No way.” http://graphicnyc.blogspot.com/2009/07/carmine-infantinos-final-interview.html