The Visitor - Your Mouth Lies

Speaking from the heart is very difficult. I try, and I fail. I think many of us have the same problem. We don’t want to hurt the ones we love, we don’t want to have a conflict, or we just don’t want to be vulnerable. Whenever I tell a friend exactly how I feel from the heart, they always respond with acceptance and we can go deeper in our relationship.

Your Mouth Lies

“NO! Your mouth lies…But your heart cannot!” - The Visitor*

Peter Stanchek or “Sting” to his friends is a Harbinger, a person with psionic abilities. Toyo Harada is the Omega Harbinger and the owner/founder of the Harbinger Foundation. Harada finds young Harbingers to gain control of the world. Upon finding Peter, Harada realizes Peter is also an Omega. Peter realizes Harada is actually out to control the world. Peter and his friends fight against Harada. Eventually Peter is captured and brainwashed becoming the Harbinger for Harada. Until one day The Visitor appears. The Visitor has the same abilities as the Harbingers but at an Omega level. Eventually it is revealed that the Visitor is actually Peter Stanchek from the future who has returned to the past to right the wrongs of the Harbinger.

Our mouths lie but our hearts cannot. Lying comes from the mouth, controlled by the brain but our hearts do not lie. We may not speak the words but we feel the lie inside. We have been conditioned to protect ourselves and our feelings. So we develop little ways to protect our feelings. The truth is it is better to be honest and speak from the heart. At times it is very difficult to speak from the heart, the truth can hurt. Your partner, lover, sister or dear friend will appreciate the honesty. It is better to step out of the box, which is our brain, and speak from the heart.

The Visitor
First Appearance, as Harbinger: Harbinger, #1, 1992, Valiant Comics

First Appearance, as the Visitor: The Visitor, #1, 1995, Valiant Comics

Last Appearance, as the Visitor: The Visitor, #13, 1995, Valiant Comics

Creators: Jim Shooter

* “Masks”, the visitor, #2, May 1995, Valiant Comics