Kamandi, The Last Boy - Your Eyes

Kamandi was a popular character. I think, “Kamandi, The Last Boy” would be a fun movie. But, getting to today’s point, looking each other in the eye. I shake hands with my kindergartners through fourth graders before each class. Before we enter the class each one must shake my hand and make eye contact with me. I tell them often how people will trust you if make eye contact with people.

Your Eyes

“Your eyes are different from the other animals’. Warmer… more trusting.” - Kamandi*

In the multi-verse there is an Earth – Earth AD (After Disaster). This is a post apocalyptic earth.  As the name suggests there is a great disaster involving radiation. The cause of the radiation is unknown. Before the disaster a Dr. Grant releases the drug Cortexin into a nearby stream. This drug increases the mental capacity and function of animals. After the Great Disaster the animals drank from the stream and became bipedal and humanoid with opposable thumbs. Command D was the last surviving outpost of humans – this outpost was destroyed by warring humanoid animals. The sole survivor of Command D is a teenager Kamandi, “the Last Boy”. Kamandi seeks Earth AD for other humans and ways to return the humans of civilization.

Kamandi, the Last Boy is a dark story. In a world like this what would be a good way to judge someone’s character? That would have to be the “windows of the soul” – the eyes.  We are told from an early age to look people in the eye to make eye contact. How many times do parents and teachers say to children, “look at me”? In fact if someone does not make eye-contact with us we naturally do not trust them. Some artists start drawing portraits from the eyes out. Our eyes speak volumes. If we want people to know our true feelings make eye-contact with them no matter how difficult. The conversations will go a lot easier in the end. Try it today – make eye-contact with someone.

Kamandi, the Last Boy
First Appearance: Kamandi, The Last Boy on Earth #1 (October 1972)   

Creators: Jack Kirby (writer & art)

*“Time and Time Again”, Crisis on Infinite Earths, #2 (1985) DC Comics