Zan & Jayna - The Wonder Twins

I’m a hugger. I will hug anyone that comes to my home. I think it is important to touch. That physical connection is important. The cells in our bodies bump into each other all the time. If we started from the same cell doesn’t make sense we should touch each other with firm handshakes, pats on the back or gentle loving hugs?

The Wonder Twins

“Wonder Twin Powers Activate!” - The Wonder Twins

Zan & Jayna* Zan and Jayna from the planet Exxor are two of the “10 Elemental Protectors of the Universe.” Zan can turn into anything water based and Jayna can turn into any animal. To activate their powers they need to touch their rings or just be in contact with each other. For them the touch is important. Touching is the key to their power.  

We all need to touch. Even those that claim, they do not like touching at all appreciate a firm handshake. Touching is very important. We contact physically when we touch. Many spiritual leaders and philosophers speak of spiritual growth as being a balance of the Physical Spiritual and Emotional. Think of it as a three-legged stool if one leg is not even the stool wobbles. Go get a full body massage and be aware of experiences and memories that come to the surface as the masseur massages. Touching is very important. Watch children – they will hug each other, jump on each other, wrestle and even cuddle because they love to be touched. Children will instinctively hug. Children believe hugging someone shows affection. Connections are made when we touch each other.

The Wonder Twins
First Appearance: Super Friends, #7 October 1977

First TV Appearance: The All-New Super Friends Hour, October 1977
Creators: (Comic book) E. Nelson Bridwell (writer) Romana Fradon (artist)

Voices TV: Michael Bell (Zan) and Liberty Williams (Jayna)