Invisible Kid (Jacques Foccart) - Legends

My Aunt Juanita told the best stories. I remember howling with laughter. Now I tell these stories to my students and they laugh. These stories are legends past down through my family. I love them.


“Legends simply don’t live or die like men.”     Paul Levitz

In the 30th Century there will be a group of heroes known as the Legion of Superheroes, they were influenced by Superman and his fellow heroes of the 20th Century. The original Invisible Kid, Lyle Norg, created a scientific serum that gave him the power of invisibility. He then joined the Legion of Superheroes. However, Lyle was killed by the villainous robot, Valdius. A few years later, Brainiac 5 of the Legion of superheroes, was approached by Jacques Foccart for help. Jacques sister, Danielle, was very ill and needed the Legionnaires help for a cure. Brainiac 5 hooks Danielle up to the Mega-Computer, Computo. Computo took over Danielle’s body and mind, promptly trying to take over the world. The only way to stop Computo and save Danielle was for Jacques to drink Lyle Norg’s serum, Brainiac 5 made some changes to protect Jacques from all the different scans that Computo could perform.  Jacques was able to save his sister and became the newest Legionnaire, the new Invisible Kid. The Legend of the Legionnaires grew, and Jacques created a Legend for himself.

Legends are stories. Some stories are larger than others. Some stories are honest accounts of history while others are exaggerated.  People can be legendary for the acts they perform.  Doctor Denton Cooley, the heart surgeon that perfected the open-heart surgery, is a legendary surgeon to many. People can become legends for the mystery surrounding their lives. Jean Hillard, the Ice Woman of Minnesota, frozen to 25 degrees below zero for an unknown amount of time awakes unaffected. We love to sit in the family room with “Uncle Harry” or “Aunt Juanita” because they tell those amazing family stories from years gone by. The story becomes the “Legend”.  A legend goes on and on, it may change, and it may become more farfetched. Can we be the person that tells the stories – not create the stories?

Invisible Kid (Jacques Foccart)
First Appearance: Legion of Superheroes, vol. 2, Annual #1 (1982)

Creators: Paul Levitz (writer) Keith Giffen (art)