Bubbles - Team

I loved the Powerpuff Girls. It was one of the cutest and well written shows on cartoon network. Bubbles was my favorite. I connected with her naivety and acceptance. I can be naive – accepting things that should receive further observation before decisions can be made. Sometimes, because of this I may find issues down the road that need fixing. I'm grateful I have a cast of characters, my friends and my team, that I can talk to about these things.


“I’m just as tough as Blossom and Buttercup! HeHe!” - Bubbles*

Superheroes make themselves available for specific people. The Powerpuff girls make themselves available to the people of Townsville, USA (not Townsville, Australia) and specifically children. Professor Utonium, who was attempting to create the perfect little girls using “sugar and spice and everything nice.” Accidentally, “Chemical X” was added to the mix and the Powerpuff girls we born. First there is Blossom, smart, the red headed, dressed in pink leader. Secondly comes Buttercup, dressed in green with a cute black pageboy haircut. She’s the rough and tough hard-hitter in the group. And lastly there’s Bubbles, the blond blue-eyed hopeful and naïve dreamer. They are a family. They live and work and play together. The Powerpuff girls are a team. Using their superpowers they save the world and their fellow first graders everyday.

We all need to be connected or part of a community. We need friends and/or someone to talk to regularly. We learned in school – Kindergarten and First Grade – how to play fairly without fighting. So why when we are at work do we often argue fuss and fight? Why do we seek to be in control? Why do we “bad mouth” our fellow employees? Why are we not “Team Players”? Fear, is the culprit. We fear we will not win. We fear we will not succeed. We fear someone will get what we deserve. Members of a team support each other. When watching the “Super Bowl” does each player try to get the ball through the goals? No, each person has a specific job and they work together as a cohesive team. Each member of the team is important – even the ones sitting on the bench. When we do our best – truly our best, we will be rewarded. We will be noticed, the team and the individuals. We can still standup for ourselves or for what is right as long as it benefits the team. Yes, we are all “just as tough as Blossom and Buttercup” but it is what we do with that power that is important.    

The Powerpuff Girls
First Appearance: “The Whoop-Ass Girls in Whoop-Ass Stew: a Sticky Situation” 1992

Historical Appearance: “Meet Fuzzy Lumpkins” and “Crime 101” Nov. 18, 1998 Cartoon Network

Creator: Craig McCracken

 * Talking Bubbles Doll, Key ring