Vampirella - Be Careful

As a kid I was infatuated with Vampirella. I really believe it was her costume. It was SO risqué. I knew my family would not approve. So, I read her comics at the “Pack & Sack”. I’ve met so many people that have done the same thing. Her stories were interesting. The idea of a demon trying to live a life of goodness can be appreciated. We all have done things we are not proud of and try to make amends for them by living in goodness.

Be Careful

“Be careful what you ask for, Monster!!!” - Vampirella*

Some heroes are monsters trying to do good work – no matter what judgments are placed upon them.  Vampirella is that type of hero. Vampirella is a vampire. Some believe she is from a Vampiric world, Drakulon. While others believe she is a daughter of Lilith. In any case Vampirella has all the powers of a vampire and puts the “vamp” in vampire. Vampirella did not ask for any of this but no matter what the world thinks of her or judgments placed upon her, Vampirella tries to protect the innocent.

What Vampirella tells the villain in this story is something we hear often. “Be careful what you ask for…” What we ask for may not be what we truly need or want. The price for what we ask for may be too high.  But wait a minute, what about, “Ask and ye shall receive”? True, but the lesson here is to ask and then start preparing.  Even prayers of desire are not written in stone. Ask and prepare or learn or make the final decision. If a new car is the desire, do the research make sure it is the best car for the need and aesthetics. Living in NYC maybe the desire but there should be a few visits before quitting the job and moving. If a new job is the desire, start looking for a new job. The lesson here is to be prepared for the desire to come. Prepare for prayers to be answered. Make sure judgments are valid. Make sure decisions are balanced. Be sure that what you ask for is what you truly want. 

First Appearance: Vampirella #1 (September 1969), Warren Publishing

Creators: Forrest J Ackerman (writer) Trina Robbins (art)

* “Vampirella”, #0, December 1994