Static - Unique

I am so glad that social media was not around when I was a kid. I feel so sorry for the children that suffer through cyber-bullying. I was bullied as a kid. When the bullying stopped I was so grateful. One of my bullies made an amends and we became very good friends. I was lucky in that respect. Many people are not. Being bullied taught me to be strong and gave me a tough skin. But, the greatest thing I learned from being bullied is to accept people for who they are – I enjoy seeing people being unique. I love getting to know people that are unique. It helps me to continue to be unique.


“You say freak – I say unique!” - Static*

Virgil Hawkins was any regular high school kid growing up in Dakota. Virgil is a bullied science geek. Inadvertently he tries to stop the bully and is caught up in some gang violence. The Police arrive with tear gas laced a strange marker to attach to the gang members, so the police will find them. In an explosion a strange radioactive chemical is released, and members of the gangs are doused. Because of the tear gas markers and the radioactive chemical people begin to show strange abilities. Virgil begins to have electromagnetic powers. He can control anything electric and conduct electricity. He decides to become a superhero. Using a flashy costume, his science knowledge and his quick wit Virgil Hawkins becomes, Static.

You are all unique. Yes, we all are the same on the inside, blood cells hearts brains and other organs. We have the same emotions and feelings. But we have what’s called DNA, Deoxyribonucleic Acid, which writes our own unique body’s systems and unique look. Our desires and dreams may make us unique as well. What a bully may call a “freak” the fashion editor of Vogue Magazine may call “fabulous”.  What a bully may call “fat and ugly” some beautiful girl may call “handsome”. What a bully may try to destroy, a gallery curator will hang on the wall. What a bully teases another person will accept. We are all unique. It’s better to accept people for who they are and what they can do allowing people to create a world rich in creativity and acceptance.

First Appearance: Static, #1 (June 1993), Milestone, DC Comics

Creators: Dwayne McDuffie & Robert L Washington III (writers, John Paul Leon (artist)  

* “Aftershock”, Static Shock, airing September 30, 2000, Phil LaMarr as Static