Amazing-Man - Willpower

The Amazing-Man is one of my favorite Justice Society members. I always liked his ability to speak his mind; to be upfront and honest. It takes willpower to be always honest. We so often don’t want to hurt people’s feelings, so we take the easy way out and tell people what they “want to hear.” It takes willpower to stand-up, speak your mind and hold your grown. I try, I fail, but I try to be more like that. I think that is a good use of willpower.


“Certain amount of willpower involved, naturally.” - Amazing-Man*

Will Everett was an Olympic champion in the 1936 Berlin Olympics but because he was black he was a janitor for Dr. Terry Curtis. There was an explosion. In the aftermath, Will Everett found he could mimic any inorganic material. If Will touched glass he became glass, if he touched wood he became wood and if he touched iron he became iron. With willpower he could move, and act as needed in that form his body took. Taking the name Amazing-Man Will Everett joined the Justice Society of America’s All-Star Squadron. Eventually age and cancer took Will Everett but each version of the JSA (Justice Society of America) will find the heir of Will Everett who possesses the same gifts to take up their ancestor’s mantle.

What is “willpower”? Willpower, according to the dictionary is the strength of will to carry out one's decisions, wishes, or plans. The superheroes we discus regularly use willpower as a source of strength and ability. To accomplish things it takes a “certain amount of willpower”. Waking up in the morning takes willpower. Definitely working out in the morning or afternoon takes willpower as well. Keeping our mouths shut during arguments take willpower. So we have a “will” – a plan or schedule or wishes. We use power to accomplish those plans. We have been given the “will” to accomplish things and some of us try to align our wills with a higher power or the universe. Easy enough said and understood. It just seems redundant to say, “Willpower is the power to accomplish the will.” So, then willpower must be the spark of life, it must be the spirit we hold inside. With that thought, according to our own personal ideal, the more determined we are the more successful or accomplished we will become. With that thought it makes sense to try and align our wills to a set standard of goodness and peace.

Amazing-Man (Will Everett)
First Appearance: All-Star Squadron, #23 (July 1983), DC Comics

Creators: Roy Thomas (writer) Jerry Ordway (art)

* “A Gathering of Heroes”, The Young All-Stars, #2, July 1987