Metron - Knowledge

The Mobius Chair riding, Metron gets on my nerves. He’s like that noisy neighbor that knows everything about the neighborhood but is unwilling to help when needed. I try not to get involved with the gossip. I’ll be honest I fail often but I am getting better. I know how to do my job and I’m very good at my job. I do not, however, tell coworkers how to their jobs. If they need help and ask for it I will be there helping. I absolutely hate it when people point out unsolicited criticisms – how I can improve, so why would I get involved that way with others. I know what I need to know to get through the day. I give everyone the same opportunity to learn it for themselves.


“I serve Life in my own way... Knowledge is my Power! Time and Space is my domain!” - Metron*  

The New gods are an alien race from the planet New Genesis. Lead by the High-father these new gods are in constant battle with Darksied and the gods of the planet Apokolips. One of the New Gods, Metron in his Mobius Chair travels space and time learning and watching. Metron is the inventor of the Boom-Tube Technology used my all the New Gods to travel to any place or time. Although he has godlike powers he chooses to be passive never getting involved in petty battles. He would much rather watch and share his knowledge rather than get involved physically.  

The Tao Te Ching says, “The more you learn the less you know.” With the more we learn the more we need to know. Is it possible to know the world simply by looking out your window – the Tao says yes. Knowledge is important to what we need but if we do not need to know something why learn it or get involved. We need to know how to do our jobs and other day to day duties but do we really need to know why someone did this or that? Do we need to know why the neighbors act the way they do? We accept our neighbors for who they are – our neighbors. If, 90 years old, Mrs. Brown across the hall needs help with her groceries we help her. But we do not need to know all the juicy gossip going on in the building. Honestly, the neighbors will do what they do no matter how much information we gather. We just need to accept them as our neighbors.

First Appearance: New Gods #1, February 1971

Creator: Jack Kirby (written, drawn, & edited)

* New Gods #1, Orion Fights for Earth, February 1971