Miracleman - Intellect

I am not a blindly following type of person. I ask questions often and check what is happening. I don’t want to be blindly following the lambs to slaughter. I want to know where I’m going; how I’m getting there; who I’m going with. I make decisions for me based on my needs first and my desires second.


"Don't leave home without your sword - you intellect." - Alan Moore *

Micky Moran a reporter meets an astrophysicist and is taught a word that when spoken properly will transform Micky into the hero Miracleman. This special word is Kimota (Atomic phonically backwards). As Nietzsche wrote, “he is the lightning…he is the madness.” Throughout the fifties Miracleman and his 2 friends young Miracleman and Kid Miracleman have great adventures. Eventually the adventures stop. In 1982 when a now older, wiser and married Mick Moran is suffering from strange dreams and headaches, Mick accidently says the word “Kimota” instantly Miracleman is reborn. The adventures start again

Our intellect is how we think and the information in our minds. It’s our “intelligence.” It is OK to seek knowledge and follow that knowledge. Seeking knowledge is a noble activity. Why just follow someone blindly because they “say” this is the “way”? When it comes to science and math we can listen and follow our teachers. When some politician tells us to vote a certain way, why follow blindly? Find out both sides of the view point and make a wise intelligent decision. When a minister makes generalizations about other religions go read some literature from these religions and make decisions based on intellect. We are intelligent people able to make our own decisions based on the knowledge we have learned.

Miracleman (Marvelman in UK)
First Appearance: Marvelman, #1 (1954-1963), L. Miller & Son, Quality Communications (UK)

First Appearance: Miracleman, #1 (1985), Eclipse Comics (UK & USA)

Creators: Mick Anglo

* “Rebirth”, Miracleman, #1, August 1985, Eclipse Comics (UK & USA)