Phantom Stranger - It's a Strange World

Sometimes I really enjoy sudden changes. Sometimes they can be funny – pumping too much air into the bike tire and it explodes. Of course, I scream bloody murder when that happens. The sudden changes can be nice, an unexpected snow day. The sudden changes can be super sad or dangerous. But one thing that helps the most through all the sudden changes is the knowledge that there’s always Hope. I find that the not so nice changes use my Hope whereas the fun and nice sudden changes replenish my Hope. A positive attitude will bring positive results.

It’s a Strange World

“It’s a strange world, growing stranger by the minute. A time of transition and upheaval throughout the supernature.” - Phantom Stranger *

Who is the Phantom Stranger? Some say he is a fallen angel forced to walk the earth among humans leading souls to the light. Others say he is Judas forced to pay back the 30 pieces of silver by helping one soul at a time. There is an idea that he refused to fight in the war between Heaven and Hell walking separate from his angelic kin.  Also, some say he refused to listen to God and now walks the earth forever. Others believe he is the “Wandering Jew” the shoemaker that taunted Jesus at the cross and cursed to walk the earth forever. No one knows who the Phantom Stranger is but he often shows up with very cryptic messages offering very little assistance. But he is still one of the most powerful sorcerers.

When is it not a “strange world”? We experience upheaval and change every day. That is nothing to worry about. Those sudden changes can make life interesting and scary. It is how we deal with those changes that make us strong and peaceful. No matter how happy or sad the upheaval is we can make it through. There is always Hope. If we continue to communicate openly and honestly we feel safe and secure. When starting college and finding a new friend, talking openly will help but keep in touch with an old friend just for security. The loss of a loved one is really difficult and sad but keeping in touch openly honestly emotionally with those around will make the strange transition more bearable. Remember there is always Hope and sharing with others makes Hope even stronger.

The Phantom Stranger
First Appearance: The Phantom Stranger, #1 (August-September 1952), DC Comics

Creators: John Broome and Carmine Infantino

* “Death in a Small Town”, Shadowpact, #1, July 2006, DC Comics